Saturday, June 20, 2015

ATC Bemidji, MN 2015 - Creative Gents Retreat

ATC (front) Creative Gents Retreat, Bemidji, MN 2015 
ATC (back) Creative Gents Retreat, Bemidji, MN 2015 

I just returned from a week in the wilds of Northern Minnesota attending the Creative Gents Retreat at Terry Garrett's home.  Also in attendance were Brian Kasstle and Thomas LaBadia.  Terry lives in a long cabin, if you can say cabin when the house is about 4500 square feet (not sure of the exact footage), surrounded by a forest of birch trees.  What an amazing location and amazing hosts (Terry and Ron)!

While at Terry's we created up a storm and taught each other new techniques.  Too much fun and laughter!  What happens in Bemidji stays in Bemidji!  Well, not exactly because we have been posting all over Facebook.  I will post more here over the next few days.  Let's just say I had an absolutely fantastic experience. :-)


jacki long said...

These are terrific John!
And I am so happy for all five of you,
we could feel the fun through the posts!

Brian Kasstle said...

So, wonderful. I am just now coming down off our trip. It was so wonderful to be together. I enjoyed watching you create this.

Cate Rose said...

So cool!! I hope you will share more here because I'm "off" Facebook for now.

Seth said...

The retreat sounds like it was a special and amazing time. So glad for you all!

amy of studio four corners said...

excellent! you are having a most creative summer!

tgarrett said...

We loved having you here! What a grand time.