Saturday, May 9, 2015

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea
I have been working ahead as I have some deadlines coming up and wanted to get my round robin piece completed early.  What a good feeling to have this 8 x 8 finished for Brian Kasstle!  I used some new techniques in Afternoon Tea.  First, I have experienced applying paint with credit cards forever, but I made a new tool discovery and I don't know the name of the implement.  It is a bread bag closure.  What is its name?  It is not a twist tie.  I guess I am going to have to do an internet search to see if I can find out. If anyone knows the name put me out of my misery to tell me.  The white lines were made by this new tool.

Second, I am using papers from a Japanese umbrella that one of my students gave me.  I love how it adheres and is a strong element in the finished collage.


jacki long said...

How about a bread closure "doohickey"? I have never used it, but I will now! ;o)
I thought it was fun that I am working on your 8x8" (and Brian's) and yours has Japanese leanings. Yours is great, mine is struggling ;op but I'll keep working.

anonymous said...

If it's like a hinged thing which presses shut, I call it a bag clip! It has two ridges that the other half fits into so would make multiple lines.
Fabulous patterned paper and I like the wren. Saw one on Friday - so tiny but cute with the cocked tail.

tgarrett said...

Drat- I just threw one out. Nice piece- Love the patterns.