Monday, May 4, 2015

Man with Rooster

Man with Rooster
What more can I say other than I love all the materials I used for this postcard!  I owe a huge thank you to Thomas LaBadia who has a blog with an accompanying Flickr album of copyright free images.  This is where I found the man with the rooster and the ginkgo leaf.  The background kanji comes from a Japanese ledger


jacki long said...

This whole series is terrific, but then I love the theme too.
I enjoy everything you do John!

Brian Kasstle said...

A wonderful series. I love the colors used.

anonymous said...

It is amazing how one is governed by culture - it hurts me that he is looking left so near the left-hand edge! Yet I love the components of the piece.

tgarrett said...

This is such a nice series John.

Brian Kasstle said...

Oh my gosh! He just arrived!!! I love him even more in real life! I actually went on line and purchased some japanese ledger pages. Oh I love this guy John!!!