Friday, May 8, 2015

Mah Jongg Queen

Mah Jongg Queen
I don't know if I have mentioned on this blog that I play Mah Jongg every Wednesday afternoon.  I love playing this game and it is a highlight of each week.  I have met a super group of people who I play with.  There are seven of us when we are all there.  It took some time to become proficient in the game.  I read two strategy books and playing has given me valuable practice.  In this piece, The Mah Jongg Queen, I have established a story line of a woman who plays each week to escape the mundane chores of life.  This piece was just juried into the NW Collage Society Art Show beginning in July in Mukilteo, WA.


Cate Rose said...

Do you, now?! My mom played, as many women did back in the 50s. I've always been intrigued with it, but never learned to play. I love those tiles, and I love your collage! Have a great weekend.

jacki long said...

I love this piece John! Wow!
Doesn't the Queen have the perfect face and demeanor for your story!
Nice to know another little tidbit about you! ;o)