Monday, April 14, 2014

Fun and Easy Paper Making


Close Up of Envelopes

Close Up of  Envelopes

Creating papers from magazine images was one big blast.  I learned a lot about the quality of magazine paper in the process.  All you need is quality magazine pages.  Believe me there is a big difference out there.  Lay a stencil down with the magazine page over the top.  Run a sanding block over the the page leaving the stencil image on the magazine page.  You will have to practice to get the right pressure.  Poorer quality paper leaves holes.  That might be nice, too, though.  Spray Dylusions spray ink over the page and rub off the extra spray. The results are as you see.  Easy and fun!  I made envelopes of many of the results but one can certainly use the "new" papers in collage work.


Cate Rose said...

These are fab! Hope I get one in the mail at some point!

jacki long said...

Gorgeous, John! I am inspired again, thank you! ♥

Sambre said...

Cool! I need to try that!!

tgarrett said...

I love these John- so cool- you are always trying out new things- you are a trailblazer.

Claudia MB said...

Another fun idea to try! You should make a "mixed media idea of the day" calendar -- I'm sure you have at least 365 ideas.

john said...

Great idea! :-)