Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I love the Alfred Hitchcock film The Birds. Whatever happened to Tippi Hendron?  I made this postcard after my California adventure.  Although you can not see the texture from this side of the postcard, I used masking tape to give it that little extra support.  It seems that home-made postcards are having a bit of a problem going through the mail these days.  Many of the ones I have sent have torn.  We shall see if this experiment helps.  I also have not sent out postcards in awhile.  It is nice to get back to sending some.


Brian Kasstle said...

Oh my one of my favorite films! I have fond memories of my family watching this on TV and my older brother being scared to death.

Claudia MB said...

I like it, especially the background. It looks like the butterflies are defending Tippi against the birds, something I don't think Mr. Hitchcock would have liked (BTW, have you seen the HBO movie about the filming of the original movie? Hitch doesn't come off too well. Here's a link:


Cate Rose said...

Another winner! When you say postcards are having difficulties going through the mail, are you referring to stuff peeling/tearing off them? or that the whole thing is getting torn in the mail? Make sure it's heavy enough stock (AT LEAST 140# watercolor paper in my experience) and make sure to glaze the image side of the card with matte medium or gel.

jacki long said...

Another stellar design John! Love your background and the colors & movement.
Maybe TMI, but I googled and found this video about her ...
Making The Birds: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhLhb7kYMXA
Her Shambala Retreat for animals: http://www.shambala.org/
and a bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tippi_Hedren