Friday, February 21, 2014

Keeping My Eye Keep On You

Keeping My Eye On You
This is the fourth postcard in the series of six with matching backgrounds.  While in California, Terry, Brian, and I went to the most wonderful art supply store, Art Supply Warehouse where they had terrific papers and several fiber papers that one could not pass up.  The fibers you see on the right of the postcard are from the edge of the purchased paper.  My friend, Ingrid, sends me wonderful ATCs and journals from Sweden, hence the Swedish stamp.


Cate Rose said...

Another wonderful ATC!

jacki long said...

Great John! ♥

Brian Kasstle said...

A wonderful card. I remember that paper! I love it!

tgarrett said...

I just love this whole series John

Unknown said...

Loving the imagery! I love this gossamer mulberry paper-- it's great when torn, as well. Just so you know, if you run out you can get it from dickblick.com. I was able to get some a couple of months ago. Fantastic stuff.