Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hidden Thoughts

Hidden Thoughts

Have you ever wanted to be a clown?  I was once or twice for Halloween.  When one puts on the make-up and the funny clothes one becomes a totally different person.  Perhaps that's what actors do when they play a part and thus that is why they can be so good at being someone else.  We release something that was inhibiting us.

We don't have to dress-up to hide.  For more years than I can remember I had to play a role, hide who I really was.  No longer, no more.  I feel like a full fledged citizen now.  The Supreme Court decision to strike down part of  DOMA was very powerful and freeing.  Funny how much I think I was hidden but probably not, I was probably very obvious.  I cracked up my friend Brian recently while we were doing art at Irene's house.  I was being campy and Brian started to laugh so hard that he started to cry.  (I like a good laugh that brings me to tears.)  I guess my actions were not so subtle.  Maybe I have not been subtle all my life.


Cate Rose said...

You're on quite a roll, John. Another fabulous spread, or ATC...whatever. It's great. I just had a flash on a clown Halloween costume in my family when I was quite young. It was red and blue, that's about all I can dredge up from the archives at the moment.

Brian Kasstle said...

Wow John! This is a really powerful spread. I loved that afternoon and laughing with all of you!

jacki long said...

What a wonderful series John! There's a cohesiveness, yet each is exquisitely strong on it's own. I so enjoy each post. Thank you for you!

tgarrett said...

Wow John- what a piece- I really love this one. And I haven't laughed so hard like we did that day in a long time- course the rides in Brian's truck with the three of us crammed in were pretty funny too-