Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rooster Dream

I have another signature done and ready to mail off to Ingrid in Sweden in the morning.  Rooster Dream was especially difficult for me to complete.  As usual I worked myself into a corner and had to wait for a how to complete it solution to pass through my brain.  Once I thought of a shadow I was on my way.  This is what I love about art journaling. I just jump in and eventually a path is found to completion.

The reason this one took so long is because my background is extremely busy.  What does one put with busy?  All of the barns come from playing cards that I found in a garage sale free pile.  The one full card flips over to reveal a Queen of Hearts.

Can't you just image a hot day on the farm.  The rooster is guarding the hen house and sun stroke occurs. The rooster starts hallucinating and imagines a multitude of barns rotating around and around.

I also like doing something odd in some of my spreads.  The bird on the left has no shadow.

Rooster Dream


Roberta Warshaw said...

Great narrative to go with the art!

jacki long said...

Love it, John, and the shadow just makes it I think.
I also love your thought process, just wonderful!

Cate Rose said...

What a great spread!!

anonymous said...

Well, it's better than him seeing ovens I guess... Shadow a good idea.