Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Escape from Hell!

This is another piece from Juliana Coles'  Book of the Night class.  Sometimes I fail to complete online classes. For some reason I am loving this one and am motivated to keep going. Loving might be too strong....I am moving forth with the thought provoking-ness of the class. Maybe that is because I am taking the class with a friend, Terry Garrett.  He has been putting forth some very exciting thought provoking pieces as well. If you have not seen his work, you should stop by for a visit..... http://whisperwoodartworks.blogspot.com/ .
This spread in entitled Escape From Hell!  As in Demeter and Persephone we all have our moments in Hell!  The portrait on the right side of the spread represents all those jumbled thoughts that continue to creep into my head especially when I would prefer them to be elsewhere. The unwanted thoughts are my Hell.   Why is it that there are memories that we have totally forgotten and we never think about again? Ones that are positive and fun to remember. And yet there are memories that tend to be ones we want to banish but they remain and come to the surface when we least want them.....like just before falling asleep!
So I say lets banish those unwanted thoughts.  Let them burn and be freed.  They can turn into butterflies and leave once and for all!  
The man on the left represents an unwanted thought that is creeping back.  Beware thought, you are going to burn.  I do not want you anymore!  The arrows represent the thoughts that are leaving my brain and hopefully will not return.

Escape from Hell!


Cate Rose said...

Great spread, so visceral.

Brian Kasstle said...

You and Terry are doing such wonderful work in this class! So textural! I love it!