Sunday, January 5, 2014


This spread is number, I can't remember which, in the barn series.  It has taken me quite awhile to finish this piece.  I tend to "paint" myself into a corner and then have to problem solve to get myself out of it.  In this case, I loved a paper towel that had coats of paint from various projects on it.  So I adhered the towel to the journal.  It sat and sat until this week when I thought about a circus theme.  I added circles of tissue paper and then I decollaged circus posters to the spread.  I found a photo of a barn that had circus posters plastered to it and then I found the clowns and the uni-cyclist.  Once they were glued down on the pages I quickly called it done.  Then last night I realized I had done the whole piece upside down in the signature. So I guess I can now called Topsy-Turvy Circus.



jacki long said...

Really terrific John, definitely worth the wait and good from any angle! ;o)

tgarrett said...

Great Spread John! What wonderful colors and layers.

Michele R. Unger said...

I so much appreciate the fact that you "owned" up to working in the journal upside down. I have several photos I added when constructing my Africa journal that are upside down. I usually find clowns sort of creepy, but your's don't strike me that way. I think this works very well.

This is a really interesting spread and the circus ads on the barns' sides were still around when I was small.

ingridp said...

Hahaha what a wonderful spread! Can't wait to see this irl.
So so happy

Cate Rose said...

REALLY terrific, John! I've got some dyed paper towels I haven't figured out how to use yet...anything I put over them will make the dye run. Any bright ideas you have would be appreciated!

anonymous said...

Love it - can hear the oompahpah music. I so enjoyed circus skills when I was a child. There were still the big animals then too but the plate spinners, unicyclists, human pyramids were almost as spellbinding - all so exciting.