Saturday, January 11, 2014

Red Truck

Red Truck
In Juliana Coles online class Book of the Night we were tasked to create a home for our "Bride of Frankenstein" that we created in an earlier lesson.  I found the greatest chateau that a friend uploaded to Facebook.  But I also found the best red truck that I just had to somehow use in this spread.  My truck is haunted but the driver does not know it yet.  Besides the truck I love the headlights.  It is a foggy night at the chateau and who knows what can happen in fog?!


jacki long said...

Just wonderful John! I love it all!

Cate Rose said...

This is really cool...and so different for you!

anonymous said...

Have you even managed to put yourself in the wonderful red truck? Great fun.

tgarrett said...

I love this spread- such a creative response to the assignment for our Book of the Night class! Love old trucks.