Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sophie and Buffy - Red Barn # 7

Sophie and Buffy
Sophie and Buffy is the third spread in the first signature that will be mailed to Ingrid in Sweden for our collaboration.  I actually have completed all four spreads and will post the last one for this signature soon.  I discovered a Golden product that I just love and which I used on this spread.  It is fiber paste.  It gives wonderful texture to the page and is so easy to apply through stencils. It has a great unifying effect.  I have not tried adding pigment to it yet, but coloring over it works great using Faber-Castell pens.


Brian Kasstle said...

I love this spread. Hmmm fiber paste... I must try!

anonymous said...

How can you bear to part with your barn series?! Ingrid is lucky. So successful.

john said...

Oh! I am not parting forever. They will come back to me, at least these four will. Ingrid is sending me hers. So the barn works that I do in hers will remain with her. What she does in my signature will remain with me. After we have done three or four signatures like these then we will each bind ours into a book. I scan everything so I will always have a copy. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

tgarrett said...

I really like this spread John- and fiber paste- something to try for sure!