Thursday, May 9, 2013

Barn # 6

Barn # 6
I am almost finished with three spreads in the first signature of the barn series that I am doing with my friend Ingrid.  The two barns seen here were taken on my journey to photograph barns and to see the tulips in the Skagit Valley last month.  I found some insect stamps in a box recently and decided that they would work well with the background color.  The postage stamps were discovered in my father's desk as I was cleaning up some of his paperwork.  My friend Marlyn gave me some receipts that date back to the mid-nineteenth century and the photos of people were found at the Long Beach, California fleamarket in October.  I used packing tape to transfer the images for some.  I really like how the background color comes through the image.  To finish it off I used Portfolio Pastels.


ingridp said...

Awesome John! Lovely colour scheme !

Brian Kasstle said...

I really love this one! Truly mixed media!

Anonymous said...

This is my new favourite John. I really love it! The colours appeal to me and the ephemera and images are fabulous. I would love to find those insect stamps too.

Lisa from Down Under

anonymous said...

Interesting colour scheme. I never had any luck with those packing tape transfers. You've used a lot of different things here and melded them together so well.

tgarrett said...

This one is especially wonderful John. Nice combination of elements.