Sunday, July 1, 2012

Self-Portraits - Winter 2012

During January and February I took a Jane Davies self-portrait class.  During this six week period I created numerous pieces. Although many of the self-portraits are not an exact self-replication, they each are me in some way and yet they each have their own personality. 

I think Abraham appears to look like Abraham Lincoln.  This piece is a compilation of seven separate self-portraits.  Abraham became a postcard and eventually has ended up on Seth Apter's 2012 inspiration board.  Even though Abraham is very serious like the President, he is smiling on the inside and happy to be in NYC.  This piece represents me as I relate to Abe's commitment to the rights of others.
Abraham - self portrait
Daydream of Years Gone By reflects on looking back at my youth.  I was thinking about retirement and also how much the old body has changed.  Perhaps the dessert should have been discarded as there is evidence of other desserts on the present body!  Over time appearances change. :-)  or :-(
Daydream of Years Gone By - self portrait

This is a compilation of four self-portraits using a variety of mediums.
self portrait

The Doorway is a sketch of a door in San Francisco.  In this Jane Davies exercise we included text with image.  The fish has no particular significance other than I liked it and remember many San Francisco fish dinners during my childhood.
The Doorway - sketchbook self portrait

Say Cheese was created to honor my friend, Bob, who died of liver cancer in January.  Bob endured thirteen months of tests and operations. He was an elementary teacher who retired to Arizona.  The crow's name is Prometheus and represents the death.  I included a personal message about Bob on a postcard version of this piece.  The postcard was mailed across the country to an artist friend.  Somehow I felt that by mailing the postcard I was honoring Bob and sending the message to him.

The head is a self-portrait, however, and not a representation of Bob.  Only the symbolism in the piece is Bob's story.
Say Cheese self portrait

Urban Cowboy does not have a story.  From the neck down the body belongs to Jon Hamm.  I think this self-portrait looks like LBJ.  I liked the President's commitment to the rights of others as well.
Urban Cowboy - self portrait
Paris Remembered is meaningful as this is where I met my significant other twenty years ago.  Who would have thought that a week in Paris would turn into a life-time commitment?  I believe that the body that I collaged is Brad Pitt's!
Paris Remembered - self portrait
James is my way of honoring James Bond.  The body is actually Daniel Craig's from the swimming trunks down! Remember the scene in Casino Royale.
James - self portrait

In many of Jane Davies classes we do blind contours.  This piece is one of those.  I found an ad in a magazine and thought it would make a good frame for my self-portrait.
blind contour self portrait


Brian Kasstle said...

Oh retirement suits you! I love all your self portraits! I love the one's you sent me! Look for something in the mail from me soon!

Seth said...

Such a varied and fascinating series of self portraits. I find them all so compelling as I have always felt the most "accurate" self portrait is abstract and not representational. And Abraham is doing fine and says hello BTW!

john said...


TinaW said...

I really love the watermelon frame!

john said...

Thanks. Isn't it fun to find something that is just right with something else? :-)

irene said...

the watermelon cracks me up!