Monday, July 30, 2012

1001 Traveling Journal

I have contributed to the 1001 Traveling Journal project through my friend Brian Kasstle.  You can link to this project at http://1001journals.com/ .  Brian started two traveling journals numbered 5386 and 5387.  The two journal pages below are in journal #5387.  Mailing them off to Brian after a two week turn around provided a feeling of accomplishment.

The process I followed was to create a gel skin of the stencil that I purchased from Artistcellar. I first scanned the stencil and then made the skin. After attaching the skin to the journal, I then collaged everything that you see. I had found a photo of a girl that I especially liked many weeks ago. So she started the vignette that is on the right side above. Inside the envelope is a letter. Just in case you can not read the vignette when you click on the picture I will include it here...

Ysabel lifted the fold of the curtain inside the confessional. She felt the crispness of the paper tucked inside the hem. She let out a breath. For days she had been coming to the church hoping that something would be there. Carefully and quietly she opened the folded note and began to read……

Inside the envelope the letter reads.....

lundi, 20 juillet 1942
You know with the receipt of this letter that I have had to disappear.
Remember I told you that I may not come home for a long time. That
time has come. I am safe, but I cannot contact you and you must do as
we have always planned. Take the postcard, you know the one, and go
to Paris. I know you remember the location as we talked about it every
night for weeks. The postcard will gain you entrance. Do not lose the
postcard, my dear. Soixante-sept is your lucky number. Be safe.
Gros bisous,
The second collaged journal spread came to me after watching a documentary on Halston and finding a photo in an old National Geographic magazine of King Kong.  It is entitled New York Life.  The photos of the men on the left are of Keith Harin, Andy Warhol, and Halston.

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Julie-Anne McDonald said...

Hi John,

Thanks for your comments on my circle Journal. Since you were answering my question of where are you I tried to delete that part and of course off went the whole thing . You are one busy man. Now I bet you wonder how you ever fit a job into your life. I hope you will post the various pieces going to shows and the bookmaking you teach. Might you consider adding a contact page to your blog so when one has comments not relevant to the current post, as is the case here, we might reach you some other way?

This traveling journal sounds right up your alley.