Tuesday, July 24, 2012



I am posting Honeybee for two reasons.  First, I created the piece to showcase the plight of the honeybee.  I found a website, one of many,  that is well worth venturing to that provides information on how one can help save the honeybee.  The site has an amazing animation that is well worth checking out.... http://www.helpthehoneybees.com/ . 

Second, you will notice differences in the two scans above.  The first is the original piece of art and the second is after removing some graininess in PhotoShop.  I printed the second one on semi-gloss photo paper to create a postcard.  I really like how the second one turned out.  But a problem occured.  The ink smears on the semi-gloss.  Even after drying overnight smearing still is a problem.  Now I have to find a solution to keep that from happening.  Does anyone have any advice?


Brian Kasstle said...

Perhaps try blow-drying with a light setting with hair dryer or dryer?

Seth said...

Love that broad stroke of paint front and center!

john said...

Can you believe that is paper towel, one ply? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

John, I believe the problem is the paper you are using, it may not be compatible with your printer. Try to explore that, it may be the solution.

I actually like both of them, really nice.


john said...

Hi. I thought that perhaps I had printed on the wrong side of the paper. Not sure. However, I found Krylon UV Archival varnish solved the problem. One coat was all that was needed. Thanks for the help.