Saturday, January 8, 2022

Artist Playing Card January 2022 - 01

I wanted to continue using the technique of transferring words from magazines onto my gelli plate and then using the resulting printed papers in collages.  As you will remember usually only glossy magazine pages work in this transfer process.  I especially like using foreign magazines like Cote Sud.  (There should be an accent mark over the e in Cote.). I am going to hunt up some Spanish magazines soon and try them out.  


tgarrett said...

I love this technique using text transfers!

jacki long said...

Me too, I love your technique and am looking forward to more AND MORE!!

Robert said...

The unpredictability of any kind of transfer is always appealing to me as the artist has to make the best out of whatever happens and proceed from there. Transfer images allow for a lot of intuitive, creative play!