Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Mini Book Madness


Some time ago Seth Apter taught a workshop online, Facebook, in which he shared his process for creating mini books.  I did not take it then but my friends and dear art buddies, Terry and Brian took it.  While we were in Manzanita, Oregon in October, Brian and Terry were talking about the workshop. Earlier this month I searched for the workshop and one can still take it.  So I did.  It only costs $20.00 and is called Mini Book Madness.  

Recently Terry and Brian also sent me a link to a gentleman in the UK who has taken on gelli plating by storm.  He is trying out all sorts of techniques.  I have been watching Yeates Makes on YouTube for a few weeks and love his style of explaining and sharing what he does with the gelli plate.  One of the techniques is to make transfers of words from magazines.  So I have been practicing that skill and love it.  You will see on the left side the end paper that includes these types of transfers and in the collage on the right you will also note the red and white transfer using this technique.  It is a really fun process.

About once a month I have breakfast with my art friend, Elsa Bouman.  She always has good ideas and during our last exchange of show and tell she gave me some papers.  One of which I used that very day for the book cover of this mini book.  Thanks Elsa!


jacki long said...

Thanks so much for these references, John Your work is amazing and I will l;ook up both, as I love the look! Hope you are happy and well?

Robert said...

Wonderful and inspirational work!!!

Robert said...

Yikes! I truly only posted my comment ONCE! Not sure what’s up with Blogger!