Friday, July 9, 2021

12 Mini Journal Project - 1204


12 Mini Journal Project - 

All twelve mini journals are housed in the box with the crow finial on top.  Because the books fit snuggly in the box I add a red pull on one of the books so that it could be taken out easily and then access to the others is simple.



jacki long said...

What a beautiful way to showcase your lovely mini books!
You are masterful in presentation, and your jewel tones seemed so perfect.
Thqanks for sharing, John.

Bea said...


julia said...

Hi john. Well i just had the best time browsing through the last 4 journals and videos. I enjoyed learned about how the nw native people gathered the mountain goats’ wool for their blankets..and seeing how you have created a completely unique set of books..the case, and the crow finial are the piece de resistance! (Pardon the lack of accents!)
I can see this completed piece as a focal point in almost any setting! Incredible1

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

The corvid topper seals the deal!
Perfect minute volumes and a custom little “library” to house them.

Lindsey said...


tgarrett said...

I love this John- of course I LOVE crowns ans ravens- very nicely done