Saturday, June 12, 2021

12 Mini Journal Project - 601

12 Mini Journal Project - 601


Mini Journal No. 6 of 12 is all about zebras. As I reflect on this mini journal I have to also reflect on a comment yesterday by artist Jacki Long.  Jacki’s comment was about favorites.  It made me think about the ever changing idea of favorites.  We can have a favorite one minute and it can change to something else in yet another minute.  Favorites can evolve and actually one can have more than one favorite although the word does indicate preferred above all others. One could say I have many favorites and it does not mean that a previous favorite is now disliked.  So thanks Jacki for sparking a conversation in my brain about something that I had never really spent time thinking about.  Thoughts on the word favorite?

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jacki long said...

You got my brain going and that's not easy on a Monday morning. I looked it up and other words they can mean favorite are best-liked, beloved, desired, liked, favored, minion, apple of one's eye, preferred, especially liked, adored one and well-liked.But, the definition of favorite says something like "preferred above all". That was not my usage, as I know you are always coming up with new favorites, so I will modify it as my favorite for now? A long-time favorite is your whie horse artwork in your office!