Friday, June 4, 2021

12 Mini Journal Project - 401

12 Mini Journal Project - 401

 I finished a huge project today that has taken me many days to complete.  I joined in with a postcard exchange through the San Diego Books Arts Guild.  There are seven book arts groups and 175 participants in the postcard exchange.  We were divided into groups of 16.  The theme for the postcards was Wish You Were Here and we were to create something about where we live.  I will share mine next month sometime.  Our next task is to create some sort of book to house the 16 postcards that we will receive.  August 1 is the deadline for that.  I think I will create a clamshell box but there are other choices for me to explore.

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jacki long said...

I so admire all the ventures you juggle so skillfully.
Looks to be another great mini-journal.