Saturday, April 17, 2021

Kids on the Block - Mini Journal - 07

Kids on the Block - Mini Journal - 07

 All of the human images used in this series came from copyright free images.  I imported them into Photoshop and colorized them as they were totally black and white previously.


jacki long said...

Again, this is a great series, John!

julia said...

Hi john, i suspect there will be one more in this series..i got busy and did not have the time to properly absorb each of these until now...i’m glad i waited..because there is something even more special in examining them as a group..i love your elaborate backgrounds! They are fantastic. I keep imagining how much fun you were having creating them. The little people are each alive! Interesting that they were black and white, and you have managed to bring them to life with your creative use of photoshop...love this whole series!

anonymous said...

I find this one very pleasing - I think the blue earrings just 'make' the face. Nice.