Monday, April 12, 2021

Kids on the Block - Mini Journal - 02


Kids on the Block - Mini Journal - 02

It is difficult to see the embossing powders in the image above.  It is best held in your hand to feel them.  Just so you know the embossing powder is in three of the four corners.  Does that help? :-). If you have never used embossing powders before, they are a lot of fun.  You use a pad of embossing glue applying by rubbing it over the desired area.  Then you sprinkle on the power and shake off.  Using your heat gun, you melt the powders onto the spread.  Just plain fun to watch the heat work its’ magic.  I could see this piece enlarged 


jacki long said...

Another winner, I know the cutest girl who is like your girl, her name is Sam.
This is going to be a great book.

Irene Rafael said...

Those yellow dots are perfect in this already captivating spread. Love the theme and wish I could feel the embossed areas.