Saturday, August 8, 2020

TEN 10

TEN 10

Again I really like the color choices in this collage.  Also the circular parts of the cancellations in the stamps and the Boulder cancellation tie the piece together.  This is the last of the TEN series.  However, I got an email from the Puget Sound Book Arts Guild about the deadline.  Well, I missed one thing important in the instructions.  It is a book exchange.  So this book is suppose to go to someone else.  I do not want to give it up.  So I have decided I need to make a second book for the exchange.  Stay tuned ten more stamp collages coming in the near future.


jacki long said...

Sorry for you, but so good for us!
I love this series and look forward to more.
I don't blame you for not giving up your book.

Robert said...

Wonderful piece, John! Such engaging earth-tones used in this! Well, you are definitely “on a roll” here, John, so as long as you have the stamps to complete the 2nd book I would look at it as another opportunity to create some amazing art! Enjoy the process!