Saturday, August 22, 2020

24 Brand Spankin' New Postcards - 08

24 Brand Spankin' New Postcards - 08

I have been asked the question on whether or not I have a vision of the final outcome of a piece of art that I create.  Mostly the answer is no.  I just start.  Starting is never difficult for me.  I understand that many people are intimidated by the blank or white page of the substrate.  I allow the process to just move forward and lead me.  As I go I audition the ephemera and get a satisfied feeling when I see something just right.  In the case of this series I completed many backgrounds first before working on the focal points.  I am getting better at knowing when a piece is complete.  That has taken many years.  Overdoing it and not being able to back off was a continuous problem that I have not felt for awhile now.


jacki long said...

Really lovely, John. I love how you used the blue.

tgarrett said...

Terrific John. I once in a very great while freeze with a blank page but 9 times out of 10 I just start right in. Wonderful work as always my friend.

Lindsey said...

Just love all the colors, shapes and textures- and those terrific figures you’re using in this series!

Robert said...

I work in much the same way, John, and have had the same difficulty of knowing when a piece is finished, and then actually stopping working on it. “More” is not always better! One difference, however, is that I have a difficult time working on backgrounds created on multiple substrates, as the background I create on any given substrate leads me directly towards figuring out what sort of subject (or lack of subject on an abstract piece) will make the total piece “feel” finished.