Friday, June 14, 2019

The Scrunch Family

The Scrunch Family
An Austrian gentleman, Geronimo Brandtner has been purchasing passports at flea markets.  He started sending the passports around the world to collage artists to create a spread in the "journal".  I have done one previously and the Scrunch Family is my second.  Just in case you can not read what it says on this spread....It says, "Elsa is the only one in the Scrunch family who does not scrunch."


jacki long said...

I studied his one for a long time.
Something draws me in and I stay inside the two birds,
five humans two diamonds or three if you count the girl's bow?
Fascinating John!

Anonymous said...

The Scrunch family is certainly unique. I like it! What does this mean? " to create a spread in the "journal"

Anonymous said...

I did one of these they are beautiful to work in. And laid out clearly.
Geronimo Finn is the guy right?
I love the Scrunch family and identify with Elsa’s unscrunchability.
Enjoying your art daily.