Saturday, June 15, 2019

Platform 5 - A Tunnel Book

This tunnel book uses the subtractive  method, one item is taken away as you progress through the book.  For me it is like a stage set.  Can't you imagine the gentlemen in Connecticut waiting for a commuter train to take them into NYC?

Platform 5 (page 1)

Platform 5 (page 2)

Platform 5 (page 3)

Platform 5 (page 4)

Platform 5 (page 5)

Platform 5 (page 6)


Connie Rose said...

That is just fantastic!!

jacki long said...

Beautiful work, John. As always.

tgarrett said...

Terrific John- just love these tunnel books.

Anonymous said...

This is completely classic! MARVELOUS.
So strong and the narrative writes itself when you view them from the solo man to the group.
Have you thought of posting them in reverse order.
I love seeing the elements building to the finale.
Page 6,5,4,3,2,1.
My 2 cents

Unknown said...