Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Deep - A Tunnel Book

Deep is a French door tunnel book.  I just completed it yesterday morning and it sold later that same day!

Deep (cover)
Deep (page 1)
Deep (page 2)

Deep (page 3)

Deep (page 4)
Deep (page 5)

Deep (page 6)

There were a few questions yesterday about the books that I am making.  I use 90 pound watercolor paper for the signature.  For most of the covers I used Jaipur paper.  I just got a shipment of Zaansch paper from Holland and I will be using that for the next 100.   I am on number 93 through 95 today.


jacki long said...

Wow! So inspiring John!

julia said...

This is simply breath-taking, john! I wonder do you smile while you are creating a book like this? Because i sure am, while looking at it! It is delightful!

Anonymous said...

Oh jeez, this is just to marvelous for words!
Pun intended.
What is that button closure?


Anonymous said...

FYI. I just love looking at the last page first and scrolling up,
watching it evolve!
Page by page.
Layer by layer.

john said...

Who are you anonymous? Write me at johnner55@yahoo.com

Lindsey said...

"Deep” is just fabulous John!