Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Monkey Series 03

Monkey Series 03
After weeks of completing this piece it seems now when I look at it again that the composition is crowded.  There are things that help with that though.  The sewing pattern lines draw the eye as does the "flower" figure in the upper right.  The chop mark also becomes more of a part of the total composition balancing the heaviness.

Just so you know, even though this is the monkey series, there is no monkey in this piece because it got covered up.  Yup!  Sometimes one has to let go even if it means no monkey!


jacki long said...

I really like the layers, John!
Hi and bye from Santa Fe.

Irene Rafael said...

Ha! Love that you allowed the monkey to be covered up! This is a delight!

julia said...

Covering up something i have being “planning” to incorporate is almost impossible for me, john! It must be an advanced skill...i’m going to compare it to a saying we have in yoga: don’t sacrifice the body for the sake of the the case of my art..don’t sacrifice the completed piece for the sake of one element...:-)