Tuesday, May 28, 2019

March APC 2019 - 17

March APC 2019 - 17
When I look at the APCs that I made I totally focus on the circular portion and forget about the actual  playing card.  It is almost like the numbers and the suits disappear.  Other times I take the whole composition in including the actual card.


julia said...

When i looked at this one, john...for a second it looked like your man was wearing great big snowshoes! Or walking on a weird pair of stilts! Isn’t it funny how our mind can cause s shift in perspective?
I’m really liking the effect of the pieces of mica you are using with these...:-)

jacki long said...

I am always fascinated with how the circle dominates
and the white space left is always really nice.

Unknown said...

Good one - like the duck or rabbit pictures I either see the cartoon, or a character walking left. Excellent.