Friday, March 22, 2019

Portrait Series 06

Portrait Series 06
I love how the mannequin’s top knot and the rise of the cat’s back compliment each other.  I had not noticed this until now as I decide what to write.  Totally fun!  Speaking of fun, yesterday I went to the Bainbridge Island Art Museum to see a book arts exhibit.  It is well worth visiting if you live in the Pacific NW.  Then I took a nap and forgot to upload to the blog. :-(


The Artist Project: Zhang Xiaogang


jacki long said...

Wonderful how your elements work together!
Aren't naps great!?
As a kid, I thought they were punishment?

julia said...

John!! This portrait series is the most fun yet! I am enjoying it so much...
Thank you for commiting to daily posts so the rest of us get to benefit...:-)