Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Portrait Series 05

Portrait Series 05
My art friend, Sally, has a number stamp.  You know the kind with a big handle that you push down on to print numbers.  It has rotary dials to change the numbers.  Every once in awhile I am lucky enough to be able to use it.  There is something about stamping a number on something.  I don't know what it is other than a form of satisfaction.  Sally gifted me two smaller versions of this type of stamp which I also like very much.  I keep looking for the larger version though.


The Artist Project: Nick Cave


jacki long said...

I love how the two main images blend so effortlessly.
And, I love seeing your stamp that you made when the jjibts played!

anonymous said...

I think I'd look a bit horrified as well if that crawled into my house!! Nice colours.