Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mellow Yellow 01 - Quite Rightly

Mellow Yellow 01 - Quite Rightly
This series honors the color yellow or other colors in the family.  I have been making papers for weeks now and I have quite a few with yellow tones.  Each of the twelve in this series has some of those yellow papers.  I got to thinking of the 1966 song.....Mellow Yellow (Quite Rightly) while working on these collages, hence the title.  More on the images and ephemera used in the next few posts.


Janine Antoni: Milagros | "Exclusive" | Art21


jacki long said...

I like yellow best when is nearing the orange? ♥

anonymous said...

Lovely - there's that photo of my mum again! (Well, not really but v. close and must be the period for the glasses.)