Saturday, January 6, 2018

Manzanita 08

Manzanita 08
Sometimes I repeat an image that I particularly like.  In this case the swimmer.  This type of swimwear could be solid or striped.


environmental photographer Michel d'Oultremont..... 

A world-famous photographer goes on the hunt for the 'perfect shot'. And it's breathtaking to see.


jacki long said...

I love the use of the map and all that it adds! ;o)

anonymous said...

Striped outfit reminds me of a favourite painting: The football players by Douanier.

tgarrett said...

Another nice one John- You certainly follow through on a theme! I too as you have noticed will repeat images that I like certain houses and chairs and people- If I have found an image I will often alter it and print it out in 2 or three sizes- so I have those available.