Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Untie Us Today

Untie Us Today

My continuing series......this one reflects on how so many people in our world try and box others in, not allowing freedom to be equal.  Is that human nature?  I realize this is a heavy dose and so is Orlando.  In my mind's eye I have a picture.  It is an eye and instead of clear tears coming from the eye there is red.  I listened and watched Anderson Cooper on CNN give tidbits of information on each of the 49 killed this past weekend.  This should be required of everyone to watch.  I do not know how humans could be cynical after reflecting on each life lost.


Connie Rose said...

Love your words here, well as this entire series. Hugs.

jacki long said...

Like Connie, I love your poignant words and the strong images in this series.
But, as I enlarged and studied this piece, I felt the hurt and searched where?
Always the talented storyteller, as well as fine artist John.♥

tgarrett said...

So powerful- and so difficult. Hard to keep hope alive- it was good timing last night we watched the movie Pride about the gays helping the miners in Wales- a true story I cried- it showed what can and has happened. Thank you for this John thank you for your words and I am thankful for you.