Sunday, June 26, 2016

Secret Pockets 5 - Part I

Secret Pocket 5 (cover)


Chester White


I made this secret pockets book with six collages just like the others but for this one I used a piece of fabric on the cover that I found in a drawer.  If one were considering theme, the cover does not go with what is on the inside, but I was not considering theme.  I was only considering creation.  This book will be going to Wyoming tomorrow as it was created for someone in my envelope round robin. Others in the group send ephemera to each other.  I decided to do something different for each person and so created whatever was on my mind at the moment.  Secret pockets is obviously on my mind right now.

By the way I just sold one of the secret pocket books.  How exciting is that!

I have not forgotten that I am going to divulge the pockets.  That happens tomorrow which will be the last of the secret pockets for now.

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Anonymous said...

Super project, John. Well done for a sale too. I'm sure the RR recipients will be very glad to get their own secret pockets book!