Friday, March 25, 2016


This week I took an online Roxanne Coble class called CREATURES.  Here is my result.  It was totally fun although totally in Roxanne's style.  I love her work which is in Roxanne's words "kick-ass" distinguishable.  Not sure that I will do another one but I did have a week of fun which was worth the cost of the class.  I tried to make it my own and I tried to add new ideas that I have come up with to again make it my own, but with the addition of the creatures it is so one representation of another's work.

Roxanne's online class is full of enthusiasm and excitement.  She is in her element teaching to others. If you are interested in seeing more of her work just copy  or click on this link....


Anonymous said...

It is fun - but you have your own style already and can surely steal (like Picasso) to add to your own thing, rather than end up thinking your work resembles other stuff. But a week of nice activity and company is worth quite a lot anyway!

jacki long said...

I think it's probably good to try on new shoes sometimes.
And, if they are comfortable, wear them.
If not, the other shoes are still waiting?
I'm sorry it's been a long day & I don't know what that means?

tgarrett said...

Always fun to see what you have been doing - looked like you had fun in the class!

ingridp said...

I Knowl the feeling!!!!!! I have seen these creatures around