Thursday, March 3, 2016

Round Robin Envelope Exchange - Thomas - Exercise Series



The Gymnast

Lift Those Weights!

Inside Cover - The Swimmer
Several days ago I uploaded the first image to this blog just to tantalize Thomas in Florida.  Today I mail all of what will belong to him.  Thomas in Florida has been warned that I am uploading my mailing to him.  I plan on putting the three smaller collages inside the folded bottom one before enclosing them all in a see through envelope.  I may add decoration to that envelope as well.  There are ten participants in the envelope exchange and we are about halfway through our mailings.


jacki long said...

What a great series, Thomas will be thrilled!
Love your colors and layers, as always! ;o)

tgarrett said...

This is terrific he will flip over this John- beautiful collages love the color choices!!

anonymous said...

Great series of women athletes - my mother used to talk about those Indian Clubs!