Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Bee Said and This Spa

A Bee Said 
This Spa

A week ago I was in a Crystal Neubauer mark making workshop.  On the last day she gave us five collage activities to do.  In A Bee Said we were tasked to find three pieces of ephemera to collage.  I added some paint to finish it off.

In This Spa I had some extra time to play and created what you see.


jacki long said...

I like the muted colors and the blend!
I think it's interesting how we are drawn to particular colors on certain days.

tgarrett said...

Love these John. I do like the square format I so seldom do that- must try soon. I am sure that was a great class- love her book. I am really drawn to the spa one.

Anonymous said...

Great designs, both.

ingridp said...

Love love love the bee one.