Friday, June 6, 2014

Pocket Journal - Syd and Friend

I took a photo of Syd from the piece I created in the Jesse Reno workshop to create the cover of this pocket journal.  I added a different bird from the one that I have in the original piece.  I love how the red background set it off.  I also used a "reject" from my art friend Val McNeil.  Val creates wonderful hand painted scarves on silk.  She gave me one that she did not like.  I love how the scarf works as texture for this cover.
Syd and Friend Pocket Journal Cover

Syd and Friend Pocket Journal Inside


Cate Rose said...

Another wow!

Brian Kasstle said...

Such is the secret to our art. We can reuse.

Seth said...

Ahhhh. Pockets :-)

tgarrett said...

Love pockets as well!!!