Monday, June 30, 2014

African Marriage

African Marriage
This past Saturday the Rotary Club on Bainbridge Island, Washington held their annual "garage" sale.  It is the second largest of its type in the country.  I would say it is quite unbelievable.  I had heard about it from a friend and this year I was determined to go.  What an outing!  Imagine a middle school where every classroom is full of sale items.  It is very organized with like items in specific rooms.  Of course I went directly to the art, craft and book rooms.  The book room was the best ever.  Books are either 50 cents or one dollar.  I came away with several.

My biggest and best find was a box of letters written in the 1930s.  I have yet to read them but they will become ephemera in my collages I am sure.  They look so wonderful.  I am waiting for just the right time to sit down to glimpse into a stranger's life many decades after the letters were written.  It is kind of like receiving a letter 80 years in the past.

As does most of my work, African Marriage came together unplanned.  I did the background and then started looking through my new books from the sale and voila!  This couple jumped off the page!


Cate Rose said...

Great collage! I envy you that fab sale you attended. Sounds like you scored BIG!

Irene Rafael said...

I love garage sales and swap meet. I think I told you that all of my door knobs and drawer pulls are from the swap meet. I don't think that I knew you were going to this one. You found treasures! It intrigues me that they were a part of another's life in the past. African Marriage is stunning.

ingridp said...


jacki long said...

I think this is magical John.
The layout, the colors and the couple tying it all together so perfectly! Wow!

amy of studio four corners said...

I've never heard of this sale...lucky you! Will you take me next year?!

anonymous said...

Love the diagonals/triangles. Super composition and it all hangs together so well.