Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Syd and Blue #2

Syd and Blue Barn

Syd and Blue #2

Syd and Blue #2 is almost ready for a transatlantic flight to Sweden.  Within the signature the barn doors open to reveal Syd and Blue #2.  As you can see when closed, S and B are totally hidden from view.

I collaged Syd differently than Syd and Blue #1 and the background is similar and yet different.  I added the stenciled fleur de lis pattern.  I also tried a new stamp from the foam where one can leave impressions.  I taped toothpicks together and impressed them into the foam to make the grass.  This piece has been sitting around just waiting for today to be complete.  A good night's sleep and a sleeping brain solved the issues and within a short couple of hours I was able to complete it.


tgarrett said...

What a riot of color and pattern! And of course you have me with the bird!

Cate Rose said...

Really awesome!

Roberta Warshaw said...

Oh is it like the old Mad magazines? Where the ends fold to create a new image? LOL!

ingridp said...

Oh how this is teasing me with this peace!!!