Friday, December 20, 2013


Since posting the photos and information below, I have worked on my piece for the 'Night' class.  Here is today's work.  It has taken on a title as well, Survivor.  I added a portrait that I did last year or the year before entitled Navajo Woman.

I am taking a journaling class from Juliana Cole's called Book of the Night.  I am a bit behind but decided to document my process this morning.  There is more to go and I will show that in the next few days when I get it done and the holidays allow.

 I have taken classes from Juliana before and the process has been similar  in the steps up until reconciliation which is where I ended today.  We painted a light color on the spread and we added glossy and not so glossy magazine photos ripped or cut.

Then we wrote and wrote and wrote across the spread.

We added color using a device of choice that left sharp lines.  The words asked for were poetic in nature, but mine come from an NY Times article

I added a step in the reconciliation part because my inner voice told me to sand and paint using a baby wipe dipped in liquid acrylic.

I tore paper off during the reconciliation process and add more color after the decollage process.

I added line using a white Signo pen and finally...

I added white writing.....I have not read ahead but I think this will be covered with paint.  We shall see.


tgarrett said...

I have found this process to be both challenging and exciting- your spread is amazing John.

Roberta Warshaw said...

Juliana is an amazing teacher. But she is a bit more than that. She really gets it out of her students in a very unique way. it looks like it is working for you!

Cate Rose said...

Fantastic, John!

Anonymous said...

I see growth, change, strength in these spreads. Juliana is a wonderful challenging teacher. Between you and Terry, I am feeling the want to take this class.

anonymous said...

And do the results from the class look individual, or contrived because the process is shared? Love your portrait you added.

john said...

The results are quite different on each and every one.

Michele R. Unger said...

That was very helpful, seeing all the steps involved. Thanks for sharing your process. It adds so much to the enjoyment of studying the pieces. Where you find the time to do all this work at this time of year boggles my mind, but I'm happy you are working and sharing. Me? Cooking and prepping for the arrival of the family tomorrow.