Friday, January 4, 2013

Ideas Creep in During the Early Morning

Ideas Creep in During the Early Morning

I started this piece weeks ago and today was the day that the remainder of the ideas crept in.  January is self-portrait month for my gentlemen's ATC group.  Perhaps I need the monthly theme to conclude this piece.  The background on the right is surgical tape that I colored with Inktense blocks before collaging.  The left hand side of this journal page is gesso colored with Inktense.  I created the stencil and spray painted the image.  Then I added washi tape and stamped the words.  The finishing touches include Portfolio pastels stenciling.

It seems that Blogspot has a new method for uploading photos to blogs.  The photo must first be uploaded in Picassa to a Picassa Web Album.  This is a new step as previously I could upload directly from computer files.  Something new to me is adding a watermark which is kind of nice as I can now put my initial signature in the corner.



Brian Kasstle said...

This is wonderful John! I love the stencil image of you. Happy New Year!

Irene Rafael said...

Hi John, your art style is changing and transforming before my eyes. i love the addition of stencils, textural elements and color. It is always fun to see.