Saturday, January 19, 2013

Grab Morning By the Biscuits

Grab Morning By the Biscuits
The new year has been busy, in fact, I can say I have been swamped.  Although I have not posted, I have not forgotten to find time to do art, but my time has been shortened as I was asked to help test students in the school district where I use to work.   The money earned will pay for three art classes I am taking this year at the Pacific Northwest Art School on Whidbey Island, Washington.

I have also been taking two online classes with Mary Ann Moss.  The first was A Trip to Venice and the second Stencils and Stitchery.  Both classes have been tremendous fun and I have three new journals as proof that art has remained in my life.

The Trip to Venice class followed Mary Ann on her journey each day in that wonderful city.  My journal is about our trip to the US Southwest last October.  I am still working on finishing it up.  In the Stencil and Stitchery classes I have created two journals using stencils, spray paints (both alcohol based and canned paint), fabric, washi tape, an abundance of paper scraps and painted canvas.

My altered book journal has taken a back seat until yesterday and today.  The piece Grab Morning By the Biscuits was started many weeks ago.  I love creating backgrounds and then coming back and finishing up the pieces as I mull over what the outcome will be.  In this work, I found two focal points, the woman and the chimp, glued them in over the background and set the journal aside.  The statement Grab Morning By the Biscuits came next, but the rest of the spread did not gel until just a few minutes ago.  Let your mind come up with the story for Biscuits.


Brian Kasstle said...

Oh John! I do love, love, love the humor in this one! Let folks make up their own story, I love mine! Perhaps it's the devil(or currently the flu) in me!

john said...

Do share your story!

anonymous said...

I just find this totally surreal and such fun.

Seth said...

Great imagery and background here. And biscuits - he he.

ingridp said...

So so great! How do you manage to cut your pics so precisely ? Everything looks so neat!

Roberta Warshaw said...

I just found you on Seth Apter's blog list and I am so glad I did. I love your writing as well as your art.