Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Donnie Series X - Whooping Cough Quarantine

Whooping Cough Quarantine

Big Nose Kate was a persuasive woman at times and with a few promises Doc Holliday agreed to hide Belle until further arrangements could be made. Doc and Kate sequestered Belle in an outbuilding behind the Great Western Hotel.  To keep nosy people away from the building a quarantine sign was nailed to the door.  Doc could not keep secrets easily.  So it was up to Big Nose Kate to spin the story for him and to keep him numb with whiskey.  They agreed that a quarantine sign would buy them some time until Belle could be secretly whisked out of Dodge.


Brian Kasstle said...

I love the background. The story continues.

tgarrett said...

I love the background as well and the way you layered the photographs.