Sunday, September 9, 2012

CitraSolv Sculptural Book

CitraSolv made paper accoridan book

close up

This past week I really got into the CitraSolv/National Geographic paper making business.  I love the effect of the chemical reaction between CitraSolv and the ink in the magazine.  I created three books and the a book sculpture using the papers that I created.  The papers were mounted on old library pocket cards.  The legs were created from rolled up papers using a wooden skewer and the "hinges" were created from some washi tape.  There was a problem during construction....how to keep the leg supports moveable.  I had to put backing on the washi tape so the legs would not stick to the "hinges".  This project actually took two days to complete due to the continual problem solving throughout.  So that the legs would not slip off I created "barriers" top and bottom of the book portion.  Now the piece folds easily like an accordian.  The "hinges"  also must be glued as the adhesive on the washi tape lifts in the heat of the day.


Cathy Farrell said...

So cool! Thanks for sharing your process.

Anonymous said...

This is really interesting and wonderful John! I love it!

tgarrett said...

I love this book- it all works so well together John! I liked how you talked about the "problem" during it's construction- it part of our process we go through as artists- problem solving. Well done!