Monday, August 27, 2012

Watercolor Transfer and Paper Dolls

Earlier in August I took two online classes from Carla Sonheim.  The first was creating watercolor transfers onto paper and fabric.  The second class was creating paper dolls from cereal boxes.  Both classes turned out to be fantastic as are all of Carla's classes.  Since I was also taking a Jane Davies composition class and a Juliana Coles field journal class I was class busy!  Presently things are beginning to settle down and I have decided not to take a class for awhile.  Although I love taking classes I am going to absorb my new found techniques and do just for me for a couple of months.  Anyway I wanted to share what transpired in Carla's classes.

Go'n to the Circus in My Sunday Best
The process is quite fun.  You just watercolor on heat sensitive tranfer paper and then once the composition is ready you iron on watercolor paper. There are several steps to get to this point, but that is the basic idea.   This piece is whimsical and obviously I enjoyed playing around with the technique.

Here are the paper dolls and background scenery for Carla's second class.  At first I was not getting into playing around with paper dolls.  I wondered why I had even signed up for the class.  Perhaps my teaching background has just not turned off yet since retirement is so new.  Lightbulbs went off and I got two ideas for characters from books I love, Where the Wild Things Are and Dr. Seuss.  That was enough motivation to start work and also in the back of my mind I know of a second grade class that might just like to do a project like this.  Perhaps I will be an art docent and volunteer to teach the process. 

Wild Thing and Max

Dr. Seuss Characters

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These are very fun John! I can see why you like them.