Sunday, August 26, 2012

Georgia On My Mind

This project started out as a paper folding activity called Magic Wallet Flexagon from the book Magic Book and Paper Toys by Esther K. Smith.  I scanned my result and then tried to print back to back so that I could make a wallet from the scanned and printed version.  Nothing lined up appropriately, yet anyway.  So I started cutting up the pieces from the scanned version.  I came up with the orginal below.  Then I tried cutting and pasting in PhotoShop and came up with the others that you see once I got involved with the filter.  The results are quite fun and good examples of what the filter can do and this whole activity is a good example of a happy accident.
The reason for this particular title is because I absolutely love Georgia O'Keefe's work.  I plan on going to the Georgia O'Keefe Museum in Santa Fe this fall.  Even though it is a happy accident created from the deconstruction of the folding activity, I believe it has the flavor of O'Keefe's work.
If you click on each piece you can see the details of the filters fairly well.
 This is the original with no filters.

In the second one I used the diffused glow filter.  The blues and purples really are rick in this one.  In the third one I used the crosshatch filter.

 Number 4 has the dry brush filter and number 5 has the poster edge filter.  The poster edge adds contrast with more black.

 Number 6 has the mosaic filter and 7 the craquelure.  These seem very similar to me.


Anonymous said...

Love the second one. Did you try AdjCol...AdjHue&Saturation under Enhance? That makes a nice set of variations as well.

john said...

Thanks, I will. By the way anonymous, I love you stopping by from time to time. :-)